Mojang has teamed up with NERF to create NERF World, a new free DLC for Minecraft's Bedrock edition.

The latest DLC features parkour and battle arenas for players to interact in, and a training area that they can take advantage of. In addition to that, there'll also be a central hub players can visit where they can change the map/difficulty, visit a blaster shop, a progress selector, and an info room.

According to the description, players will fight their way "through hordes of Minecraft mobs, and unlock dimension-themed arenas. Jump into the blocky chaos and charge towards victory."

There'll be a total of four different battle arenas that players can pick from. Three of them are themed around Minecraft dimensions, such as the Overworld, Nether, and The End, which have you facing off against another Ender Dragon. When players first load into the DLC, they'll only have access to the Overworld arena. Players must "complete certain challenges" to unlock the other ones.

As they progress throughout the DLC, players will begin earning in-game NERF bucks that can be spent to upgrade their blaster. There'll be a wide variety of blasters that players can use, which include seven microshot blasters, four larger primary blasters, and the Ender Dragon blaster. Lastly, the NERF DLC also comes with the following clothes you can equip on your character: a shirt, cap, dart vest, shorts, and shoes.

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