World War II crafting-and-survival-tinged shooter United 1944 is getting an open beta. In addition to Dominion, a traditional PvP mode about taking and defending checkpoints, you can check out Survivor, a new extraction mode.

In the new mode Survivor, you'll use the crafting and scavenging of the base gameplay in a more extraction-shooter-style format. Alone or in a team of up to three other players, you'll seek to survive in a besieged area of the WII battlefront, surrounded by enemies.

To win, you'll have to gather treasures, which you can extract by laying down a specific flare. You can also extract yourself and your squad by crafting a different flare. If you stay within a certain radius and survive, you will escape the city. In the meantime, you'll survive by leveling up, crafting new items, and building out your outpost. After the match is over, you can use the treasures you've raided to purchase cosmetics like weapons skins, backpacks, and knives.

The beta also adds a new map set in France and revamps a previous North African map with changed team balancing and new landmarks. Other new features include an updated day-night cycle, improved movement, and new guns.

The beta starts today, September 29, and ends on October 1 at midnight PT / 3 AM ET on October 2. If you want to join the beta, simply press the "request access" button on the United 1944 Steam page.